Dedicated to Musical Expression

"He is a violinist of extraordinary musical talent. At this time of technical perfection, he is one of the violinists who truly has something to say!"  --Emanuel Hurwitz



HARTMUT OMETZBERGER is a leading Austrian violinist. It is his unique warmth and generosity of spirit, combined with the remarkable beauty and individuality of his sound, that expresses his abundant musicality. 

He strongly believes in the power of music to transform people's lives, whether they are members of his audience or whether they are students who come to him for guidance, help and inspiration.

No lack of virtuosity.
— Leidsch Dagblad
It is ALWAYS such a wonderful experience to hear Hartmut play!
An exceptional joy. . . He plays in perfect harmony with the ensemble, manages to sound grand, delicate, sprightly and happy.
— Nordbayerische Nachrichten

HARTMUT OMETZBERGER plays Korngold's "Gartenscene" from Much Ado About Nothing Suite. Thomas Enman, Piano. Recorded LIVE.

. . . his performance was a musical revelation.
— Algemeen Dagblad
He takes the listener with him and bewitches them. After a moment of absolute silence, the uproarious applause does not seem to want to come to an end, and there are many Bravos.
— Nordbayerische Nachrichten
. . . the slow movement is a breathtaking intertwining of musical lines . . . he was able to show off his extraordinary musicianship . . . which the public awarded with much applause.
— Nordbayerische Nachrichten
His phrasing is incredibly vocal.
— Thomas Enman, Music Director Opera Department Longy School of Music